About Us


Queen of Sheba officially launched in July 2020 in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY! A small-batch roasting operation, Queen of Sheba takes pride in crafting coffee for the craft coffee drinker.

Our founder, Selam, grew up in an Eritrean and Ethiopian family, surrounded by amazing coffee. She learned a great deal about coffee through the traditional daily coffee ritual which she witnessed as a young child in Eritrea, and eventually participated in upon reaching the U.S. in her teens. The traditional daily coffee ritual is an important part of Eritrean and Ethiopian culture, and it is a way of showing relatives, friends, and other visitors respect – by roasting, brewing, and drinking coffee together.

As Selam's interest in coffee grew, she began to have dreams of roasting craft coffee for craft coffee drinkers. So she gave it a try, and after a few years of roasting for herself, she decided to share her beans with friends. When Selam's craft coffee drinking friends expressed their satisfaction with her craft coffee, it solidified her passion to take the next step.

From that moment until now, she's been working around the clock towards starting Queen of Sheba coffee and now the moment has arrived! Selam's beans are available for you to enjoy via our website!


Queen of Sheba Coffee is committed to continuous learning and improvement, as we roast different beans and strive to provide a top-quality craft coffee experience.

We pledge to put that craft coffee drinking quality experience at the forefront of our business, which we believe can only happen when you listen to your customers.

As a minority owned, Eritrean owned, and woman owned business, we are steadfast in our commitment to promoting and exemplifying diversity and inclusion within the craft coffee space.

We feel that every cup of coffee should have a bit of magic, and we strive to bring that to our craft coffee drinkers.